Creating a New Branding Concept That’s Truly Changing People’s Lives

A case study for Kentuckiana Rentals

If anything truly defines Kentuckiana Rentals, it is the rich culture and community found only in Louisville, KY. Their homes are the “Park Place and Boardwalk of Monopoly”, beautifully refinished and redecorated and only available to potential residents who qualify. They are privileged to serve people of all socio-economic status, disabilities, single mothers raising kids, and traditional families alike.

Kentuckiana Rentals mission is “to bring peace, hope and happiness to every family through affordable quality homes. We treat residents as if they are members of our own family.” HighNote was tasked to create a new identity program and collateral materials around their noble vision of bringing joy to their tenants.

It was a great pleasure to work with a company so focused on improving the lives of those who are at the most disadvantage. Even though this is a for-profit enterprise, because of their strong values the main goal is helping to provide better living situations for low income families. Creating this identity, we remained focused on expressing that set of values and the opportunities they provide.

We set out to make something that was warm and inviting; something that feels clean with a dignity. Our goal was to offer a sense of joy with our branding and collateral — like the sense of joy that you would get from dealing with these great people. Flexibility was also a key goal in this brand, as we wanted something that is flexible enough to pivot from dealing with a contractor in a professional capacity, to something that is inviting enough to be the face of the company for the tenants.

Kentuckiana Rentals now has a strong branding strategy, a clear position within the market, as well as a clear way to transmit the desired messages to potential tenants. They no longer have guesswork when it comes to developing marketing materials: they only follow the guidelines set in the brand manual. The new Kentuckiana Rentals brand system won an AIGA design award.



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