Four Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From Governor Andy Beshear In Times of Crisis

As I’m sitting here writing this message, I’m watching Governor Andy Beshear on FB Live as he speaks to the citizens of Kentucky. Right now, over 29,000 people are watching our Governor on FB Live with me. People are saying things like “he’s a safe port in this storm,” “keep up the 5 o’clock rendezvous after this is over,” and naming their daily chat with Governor Beshear “Afternoons with Andy.” I feel like I can call him Andy too. He’s relatable, authentic and demonstrates he’s human by saying things like “that’s on me,” and admitting he was wrong.

I’d like to offer the following four leadership lessons I’ve learned from Andy that I can apply in my daily leadership efforts at my company.

  • Consistent – Governor Beshear established a consistent time of day to provide an update on COVID-19 in Kentucky. Every day at 5:00 PM EST we hear from our Governor. He has a consistent and predictable agenda. He has a consistent message “we will get through this together.”
  • Clear, concise communication – Governor Beshear follows his agenda and starts by sharing a kid’s video and some positive news. I like that approach. He then gets into the specifics of our state’s COVID-19 statistics and response. He uses infographics and slides.
  • Confident and calm – He calmly delivers his message every day. He appears prepared and confident. His tone is soothing even to children, with one person saying on FB that her 2.5 year old loves listening to Governor Beshear.
  • Caring and compassionate – People feel like he is taking care of Kentuckians. Remember, it’s always about how you make someone feel. He also makes it personal. He shared the story yesterday of his son’s baptism being postponed due to the corona virus.

With the utmost of respect, I appreciate the way Governor Beshear has led his team and our state. He’s demonstrated what being a leader is all about. I believe him when he says being healthy at home is the safest place you can be and that we’re going to defeat this corona virus. We are #TeamKentucky. Thank you Governor Beshear!


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