Social Media and Socks

What do socks have to do with social media? Ask Ted Rubin @Brand_Connector and he’ll tell you that he’s been posting about his socks for nine years and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, he said he’ll continue tweeting about his socks until people stop asking about them. Check out his twitter @TedsSocks where he keeps it fresh and adds some color into each day.

You see, every pair of Ted’s crazy socks have a story behind them. They’re conversation starters. And that’s what social media platforms are all about – having fun, starting conversations and building relationships. Social media is not advertising. Social media isn’t about likes or comments. The effective use of social media creates connections, loyalty and a reputation. A brand is what a business does, and a reputation is what people remember and share says Ted. Companies like @JetBlue and @Hertz get it. And @ATT has wrapped their brand around something that all of us believe in, relate to and can get behind – “no post is worth a life.”

So, have fun with social media. Try new things from Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, share behind the scenes look at your team members, like and share others’ content before they like you, and above all be social! Be genuine. Be Real. Being real trumps being perfect because real is what creates trust.

In today’s world where everyone can be an influencer, it’s about return on relationships not just return on investment. Relationships are the new currency.

~Denise Spalding
President @GoHighNote



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