Please join us in supporting women-owned businesses. Here are some of our local favs.

When you support Women-Owned businesses, you are investing in women’s economic empowerment, gender parity in commerce, vibrant communities, and the growth of the economy overall. Here are just a few of our favorites from the Louisville community.

Story Louisville
In 2016, Natalia Bishop founded Story as a 1,500 sq-ft shared studio for photographers. That shared space quickly became a gathering spot for creatives and freelancers looking for community and a place to get work done. One short year later Story added 12,000 sq-ft at The Center by SIDIS building, located in the heart of the NULU Neighborhood, with the sole purpose of supporting entrepreneurs through their journey. Story is more than just physical spaces, it’s a community fostering the growth of start-ups and innovators. It’s an awesome space for you to enjoy networking, get work done, host an event, and collaborate on amazing projects. Check them out at

Kizito Cookies
Elizabeth Namusoke Kizito has owned Kizito Cookies in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville since 1989. Elizabeth’s father taught her the art and business of baking when she was just a little girl, and she brought that family tradition with her from Uganda to America when she was 17. She sold her cookies at Louisville Bat’s games and in downtown Louisville, which were so popular that Kizito earned the nickname, “The Cookie Lady.” All the cookies and baked goods Elizabeth sells are prepared by hand at her bakery at 1398 Bardstown Road. Kizito also likes to share her culture with customers by selling handicrafts she imports from Africa, such as baskets, jewelry, and masks. See more of Elizabeth at

Six Sisters Boutique
Heather, Ashley, Katie, Kelsey, Molly & Sophie…These are the names of the “six sisters” from Six Sisters Boutique in NuLu. Katie Meinhart, the third sister, is the founder and visionary behind this local boutique, where you can find stylish yet affordable clothing, accessories, shoes, home decor, and more! Six Sisters began in 2017 and has quickly blossomed into a thriving and one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Here are a few wise words from Katie herself, “We thrive on a community of women who support women. And while we have loving men as our biggest cheerleaders, it’s the community of women we greet every day at Six Sisters Boutique that makes this journey worth the ride!” Make sure to pop in at 804 E Market St or visit Six Sisters online at

It just goes to show that the success of these women in today’s marketplace should serve as an inspiration to women in business everywhere. Whether your company is large or small, female entrepreneurs are thriving. Let’s all support and empower our women leaders!

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