Why We Love Print: A Proven, Powerful Way to Reach Prospects

Having a hard time successfully connecting with your prospects?  In today’s online world, your target market can easily become overwhelmed with immense amounts of email promotions and online advertisements. More than likely, your online marketing efforts are being mindlessly scrolled past or automatically sent to the junk folder. It’s time to trade their inbox for their mailbox. Print media is a powerful and proven approach to effectively reaching prospects. And we have the data to back it up!

A recent poll tackled questions around what consumers really think about the influence of print and paper. Here are some of those findings:

  1. 88% believe they understand, retain or use information better when they read it in print.
  2. 80% have a clear preference for reading complicated materials in print.
  3. 15% have a clear preference for reading complicated materials on computer screens.
  4. 5% have a clear preference for reading complicated materials on e-readers.
  5. 3% have a clear preference for reading complicated materials on smartphones.
  6. 68% believe books are more likely to encourage learning and development of other skills than using screens.

The proof is in the numbers- print is more engaging, effective and overwhelmingly preferred. Although print is powerful, this does not mean you should abandon your online marketing efforts. Integrating your digital and print efforts will make your campaigns stronger, more memorable and more effective!

And that’s why we LOVE print!



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