Good Morning,

This week, practice keeping one small promise to yourself every day.

You could wake up one morning and decide to transform your entire life, but chances of that approach succeeding are minimal. To make lasting changes to enhance your overall satisfaction, you need to start with small steps. These minor changes might seem insignificant, but they will quickly add up. You will be shocked with the changes you see in your life!

Make just one commitment to yourself each morning and uphold it. It could be anything from taking a walk, calling an old friend to catch up or stretching for 5 minutes before bed. Whatever it may be, try to follow through with it. Then watch how these little promises quickly transform your life.

If you need some more inspiration, here’s a list of small things you can do each day to improve your life. Life is short, enjoy it being the best version of yourself!


Up and Up!





Jennifer Eberle, Vice President and Owner

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