Celebrate and Appreciate!

Happy Monday Morning!

Employees are more likely to thrive when they have healthy workplace relationships. Today, with an increase in remote work and rising stress, connection in the workplace is more important than ever because connection protects the emotional and physical health of employees and boosts productivity and creativity.

When an employee is celebrated, it shows that they are respected and valued by their employer and peers alike. They often share their rewards with loved ones. This creates special moments and memories that will last forever which will always be associated with the sponsoring employer.

If you’re starting to think about alternatives to office holiday parties this year, you’re not alone. Even if coworkers can’t celebrate together in-person, you can still share joy and gratitude with your team during the holiday season. Maybe wrap one or more of your company vehicles and use them to deliver special holiday gifts to your employees’ homes.

Or simply convey your “thank you’s” either in a heartfelt written card or on a yard sign and surprise them by placing it in their yard one evening. Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review, “In Times of Crisis, a Little Thanks Goes a Long Way.”

And don’t forget social media is the biggest influencer of our generation. When an employee goes above and beyond on a project at work or accomplishes a personal goal, give them a shoutout on social media to commend their hard work.

Celebrating your employees is the cornerstone of developing a robust and meaningful workplace culture. Therefore, try to make these holidays memorable, even if your workforce still works remotely.

How are you planning to celebrate your employees this holiday season?

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