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As we celebrated Father’s Day yesterday, it reminded me about both the importance and the challenges that many fathers must face. Traditionally, our culture has often put fathers into a very difficult role. They must be aloof but intimate; must go out and earn the wage but be present; must be compassionate but also the disciplinarian.

Luckily, our understanding of what “family” means is evolving and so is the role of being a father. We’ve learned that it’s love, care and presence that define fatherhood. I asked some of the dads at HighNote what being a father means to them. The responses I received were heartfelt and inspirational, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Doug says, “Being a father is quite a responsibility. And the way a man takes on that responsibility can have a huge effect, good or bad, on the adult a child ultimately becomes. A father is a provider. Not just of physical things but of all the other things that shape a child’s life. Things like encouragement to reach for goals a child may not think they can reach. It also means providing support for those times when that child falls just short of those goals. It also means providing the hard things… like discipline and sometime saying no. It’s much easier to be your child’s friend but that doesn’t serve them well in the long run.”

From Lewis, “To me, being a father is about building a strong relationship. It’s about being someone who not only instructs, but also someone they can trust, someone who listens and helps make their life enjoyable by creating memorable moments that last a lifetime.”

Being a father means always putting the needs of your family above your own. It’s providing a fun and safe environment while teaching them important values like love, caring and honesty. My son had his first baseball game Monday and I remember feeling anxious as he went to bat hoping he wouldn’t have to feel any disappointment, and so proud and excited when he hit the ball and ran to first. The smile on his face over that one insignificant at-bat gave me as great a feeling as any personal accomplishment I could have on my own,” said Jared.

And from Daniel, “Being a father, is the hardest yet most rewarding job you can have. You get paid with headaches and high blood pressure but watching your child flourish and grow is truly fulfilling.”

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day and spent time celebrating in person, or in spirit, the special dad(s) in your life.

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P.S. I want to give a special shout-out to all of the HighNote Dads – Jared, Daniel, Doug, Lewis, Brent, Jeremy, Caleb, and Darren. We see you!


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