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Clear the Clutter | HighNote

Clear the Clutter

Rise & Shine!

While many of us are spending more time at home, it’s a perfect opportunity to let go of the old and say hello to a fresh start for your home. Decluttering gives you a sense of confidence and purpose. Transforming a messy room into an organized space will make you feel accomplished and melt away anxiety.  And it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Remember the old saying, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The same principle can very easily be applied to clutter clearing too.

A good tip is to break each area into small, manageable chunks. If you’re clutter clearing a cupboard, work shelf by shelf, completing each one before moving on to the next. For chests of drawers or dressers, work drawer by drawer. If you have a whole junk room full of clutter, divide it into chunks and tackle each area one at a time.

Grab a bag and fill it with donations to create instant space because organizing is much easier when you have less clutter. Charitable organizations like St. Vincent de Paul and Wayside Christian Mission are always looking for donations. So, make sure you reach out to a local charity before tossing out your old belongings. You’ll feel good that you’re helping others out as well.

Once you’ve cleared some clutter, here’s a trick to keep it clean and tidy. Every time you bring a new item into your house, remove a similar item you already have. Maybe you’ll even find some long-lost treasures from your past that you forgot you even had!

Up and up!




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