Rise & Shine!

The art of enjoying your own company is one well worth acquiring. It’s something that can enrich all our lives, whether we are alone regularly or very seldom.

While I love the company of others, and I would describe myself as an extrovert, I have learned in recent years the joy of solitary exploring. There is a magical thing that happens over time spent alone. Recently, I spent some time alone at my lake house and I would like to share some of my thoughts during these moments.

Enjoy the freedom of not having to put on a face for anyone. The decision between pajamas or high heels is real. In your own home, you can sit in your pj’s and eat ice cream right from the container if you want to. No one will judge you because no one will see!

Get close to nature. When you’re in company it’s so easy to miss what’s all around you. Head to a park or forest, where you’ll hear the birdsong you would miss if you were chatting to a companion, notice the small changes in season that would otherwise pass you by and stop whenever you can to revel in the colors of the sunset. For the past five months, I’ve been visited daily by a cardinal bird. He continues to peck at my windows.

And, if you’re worried about boredom in your time alone, use the opportunity to learn a new skill – it could be a craft you haven’t tried, or learning a language online – maybe try Babble. What it is matters less than the chance to do something to stretch yourself without having to worry about the pace you go at or whether anyone else is enjoying themselves.

What do you enjoy most when you find yourself solo?

Up and up!


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