Happy New Year!

The New Year is fast approaching and it will mark the end of a decade. I never believed my Mom when she said “time flies” but it sure does. And it’s hard to believe how much has happened over the past ten years.

10 years ago, the very first iPad came to stores and Lady Gaga fashioned her notorious meat dress and wore it to the MTV Video Music Awards. The first Instagram post was on July 16, 2010. Within the next couple of years, Planking, Gangnam Style and the Harlem shake quickly became internet sensations. And don’t forget about the Ice Bucket Challenge; even I participated in that trend! Then in 2015, the blue-black/white-gold dress debate practically broke the internet and a year later, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first, over-due Oscar. Finally, to wrap up the decade, we experienced a total solar eclipse and witnessed two royal weddings. What’s your favorite memory of the decade? 

A great deal has come from this past decade including a lot of incredible things from 2019. Just this year, the Sea Turtle population has increased by 980%, thanks to the Endangered Species Act! In addition, the Netherlands became the first country without any stray dogs and Iceland was the first to legally enforce equal pay for men and women. Scientists have also found a plastic-eating mushroom that could clean our landfills! And that’s only a few, you can read about more up-lifting advancements from 2019 here

Happy New Year from all of us at HighNote. We look forward to the next ten with you!


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