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You know, there are silver linings to our stay-at-home order. It’s a time we can get reacquainted with ourselves and our purpose. How can we spend time helping others? I’m proud to share a story about one of our own, Tyler and his wife Lauren. They are part of a network of several hundred fosters helping the Kentucky Humane Society. During the stay-at-home order, 500 animals have found new homes or foster homes from the Kentucky Humane Society.

Tyler and Lauren began fostering animals through the Kentucky Humane Society in February 2019. Since then, they have helped rehome more than 20 animals.

In the foster community, their house has become known as “The Blind Dog Paradise.” In February 2020, they took in Stevie, a 12-year old Beagle who is blind. Stevie was in bad shape – underweight, urine stained, diabetic and depressed. A month later, Tyler and Lauren decided it would be best for Stevie to enter the ‘Fospice’ program, so he can spend his remaining days in their home. Stevie has since gained weight, reacted positively to his new medication, become potty trained, and is showing signs of happiness! His fur has even returned to a normal color.

Tyler and Lauren seem to have a knack for animals with special needs – in addition to their traditional foster assignments, they have fostered a handful of dogs who needed extra TLC. This includes Matilda (blind, parvo survivor), Bianca (blind) and three dogs who suffer from intense anxiety: Brownie, Bruno and Ben.

“We get a sense of fulfillment knowing we give animals a safe place to stay healthy and happy for a week or two before getting adopted,” said Tyler. “Lauren’s love of storytelling on social media and my love for dogs was a perfect recipe to foster.”

What’s your perfect recipe?

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