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Like all of you, we’ve been adjusting to the impact of the Corona Virus. We’re trying to figure out how to do life and how to do work under the new guidelines and praying for all those affected by this virus. HighNote’s been around for 28 years and this past week was the most difficult week we’ve ever experienced with more uncertainty ahead.

Even in the midst of all of the uncertainty, there are many positive moments happening around us that remind me that we will get through this together. Take my friends Lauren and Chad Coulter, who own Louvino and Biscuit Belly restaurants. They along with their Chef, Tavis Rockwell, organized a Go Fund Me to help servers put food on their tables. The Louisville community is rallying around our local restaurants to order carry-out and buy gift cards. Here’s a link to which has a list of carry-out and delivery restaurants.  Neighbors are coloring rainbows to hang in their windows for the little children of the neighborhood to get outside and walk the sidewalks to find them. Meals are being delivered to the elderly and to first responders by churches and other organizations.

Uplifting words and gestures like these can take on many forms – like sidewalk chalk art, an encouraging sign in your window, a meal for your elderly neighbor, or a printed note to a friend or colleague asking how they’re doing. As we’re all trying to make the best of our situation, let’s continue to look for ways to support each other. Enter this week with strength and positivity!

Be well. Stay Safe.


Denise Spalding

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