Kudos to You!

Rise & Shine!

Do you tell others you appreciate them often enough? It’s something we all take for granted, especially with the people we love and appreciate the most. So, it’s important to tell them, and tell them why!

Appreciation is one of the most powerful tools you have in your life, both for your own well-being and in building deep relationships with others. You don’t have to go around saying, “I appreciate you” after every conversation or interaction. We both know that wouldn’t feel genuine. But you can make an effort to be both intentional and specific with your appreciation. It’s validating and meaningful for someone to hear and feel they are appreciated.

Another great way to show your appreciation is to give back. This Thursday, September 17th is “Give For Good Louisville,” the biggest day for local giving. Donating to support your favorite local organization is a win-win in the book of appreciation. Take this day to give back and tell these organizations why you care and why they matter during this community-wide day of philanthropy. Visit the Give for Good Louisville website to find an organization you appreciate and want to support. 

And while we’re talking appreciation, Jennifer and I, and all of us at HighNote, really appreciate our clients and friends. We thank you for supporting our local business. The first three people to respond to me today with their favorite “Give For Good Cause” will receive a small token of our appreciation. 

Have a great week.

Up and up!


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