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Let's Shine a Light on Pediatric Cancer | HighNote

Good morning,

September is childhood cancer month. It’s not only the month to remember and honor the children who have passed, but also to celebrate survival and the advancements in diagnostics and cancer treatments.  Did you know every day in the U.S., an average of 42 families are hit with the tragic news that their child has cancer? Childhood cancer is the second leading cause of death in children under 15 years old, despite the recent 22% increase (from 58% to 80%) in 5-year survival for children with cancer.

Childhood cancer is NOT rare. It’s all around us. One of our employees’ son Joey was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 12. My nephew Evan was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer at age 12 as well. And while the road was long and scary, both are in remission and doing remarkably well. Some children are not as fortunate.

Now is the time to come together and jointly recognize the strong effort that’s needed to make meaningful progress towards fully beating childhood cancer. The Louisville St. Jude Walk/Run is on September 28th where they hope to raise much needed awareness for childhood cancer, but also donations to help those affected families and further medical advancements.

I encourage everyone to register and/or donate today! We owe it to children like Joey and Evan, and the tens-of-thousands of other children, who have fought a tremendous battle at such a young age.

Be kind. Be generous. Be a hero!

Up and up,



Jennifer Eberle, Vice President and Owner

502.882.9066 Direct | 502.295.1566 Cell | Nationally Certified WBE


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