OK Monday, Let’s Do This

Happy Monday!

Maybe you’re the person who jumps out of bed on Monday morning bright-eyed and eager to take on the week. If so, congratulations! You’re crushing it! But that wasn’t always me. Monday motivation was something I had to practice.

It’s not that I dreaded going to work on Monday morning, but I wasn’t always rushing to start my day either. It’s a balancing act, and one that we have to face fifty-two times a year. So, it makes sense to try to shift the balance toward the positive side, right?

Here are three things I recommend to help make Monday mornings less stressful.

1) Personalize your workspace. Having a place that gives you happy vibes and makes you feel comfortable while working can make an enormous difference in how you approach each day. Putting up family photos goes almost without saying, but also consider bringing in a favorite mug or some fresh flowers from your yard. Maybe it will surprise and delight a coworker as well as yourself. For more ideas, check out this inspirational article at The Intentional Workplace.

2) Make someone else’s day. What’s even better than treating yourself? Treating someone else. Bring in donuts on Monday morning. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line. Compliment a cashier. Hold a door open. Read 10 tiny things you can do for others to make the world a little bit more awesome.

3) Remember: you don’t have to be in a good mood all the time. Sometimes Mondays earn their bad reputation. And you know what? That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for being in a bad mood. Sometimes, it may even be good for you.

And if all else fails next Monday morning, you can always try puppy therapy.

Up and up!

Denise Spalding

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