Once Upon a Time

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Whether we realize it or not, we’re all influenced by stories told now and from our early years. Whether it’s the cartoons we used to watch, the books we read in school, or the movies we played a million times, these stories imprinted messages of hope, imagination, and other feelings onto us.

That’s the beautiful thing about storytelling — it’s an ancient human tradition, one that’s still present everywhere today. Stories show us what’s possible. Stories can inspire us into action. And stories can unite us as humans and as communities. They’ve been used in all countries and across every culture throughout history.

There’s a real science to how and why storytelling works, and it’s something we can all use. It contributes to our leadership and our ability to have impact not only in our own lives but on the ones around us. Whether you think you’re a storyteller or not, it’s important because it forms a connection amongst the people around you. That connection is what makes our lives feel deeper and more fulfilling. Think about it, most people love to hear stories, especially ones with relatable emotions. Personally, I love to hear stories about good overcoming evil and the power of courage and friendship. It reminds us of our potential to do good, each and every day.

Sharing stories, including your own, help people better understand who you are and the journeys you’ve taken to get where you are today. So, this week try telling a story about yourself, or another story that’s inspired you along the way. I’ll be your guinea pig. I’d love to hear one of your stories. See how it makes you feel when you tell it. Does it come naturally or feel awkward? If you need more practice, Leadership Louisville is hosting an amazing class “Storytelling: Communication that Inspires and Delivers Results” on September 17th and 18th.

Either way, practice makes perfect and stories are a beautiful resource at your disposal anytime you want to connect with someone in a more meaningful way.

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