Happy Monday!

Remember the law of attraction – the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into your life. In today’s society we’re constantly surrounded by bad news, tragedy, and negative people. It might be easier to give into the negativity but being positive can help transform your life!

Being optimistic actually has the power to influence your health, boost your confidence and strengthen your relationships. Positive people are subjected to less stress. Because optimistic people don’t concentrate on negative thoughts, they cope with stress more effectively. In addition, it’s proven that people who think positively live longer and have more successful lives than those who don’t! They also make better first impressions and have stronger relationships with the people they care about.

People are drawn to positivity. Start small. Refrain from saying negative things for one day then three days, then try 30, and then 3 months. See how your life is transformed. Be an “Up Lifter!”

Up and up,




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