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My sister-in-law just loves to garden. She’s getting ready to plant her spring bulbs and it got me thinking about all the wonderful benefits gardening has on the mind, body and soul.

Gardening is an exercise. It involves bending, digging, lifting, reaching, pruning, and stretching, all of which build and tone muscles, strengthen bones, and extend flexibility. Plus, you get the added benefit of vitamin D from working outside in the sunshine. Environmentally, you attract bees and butterflies to help pollinate, while your beautiful flowers and greens add oxygen to help purify the air.

Gardening also has mental benefits, helping you achieve an almost meditative state of relaxation while stimulating your sense of smell and touch.  Most tasks allow you to immerse yourself in the present rather than stressing about the past or future. There is even a type of soil bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae, which is believed to stimulate production of norepinephrine and serotonin in your body just like an antidepressant drug. It can help your body regulate the required balance of chemicals in the brain, fighting off depression and making you smarter, no prescription needed!

So, do you want to shed pounds, build muscles, look and feel great, all while helping the planet? Do you want to be more resistant to disease and injuries? I know I do! Now if I just had a green thumb…hmmmm.

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