Those Little AHA! Moments

Good Morning!

Have you ever had that eureka moment? You know, when something awesome and amazing comes to you at the exact perfect time you needed it? Maybe it was a puzzle you were working in your head that finally came together. Or a wild idea that came out of nowhere that energizes you so much. These light bulb moments are always so inspiring.

If you haven’t had one of these eureka moments in a while, don’t fret. Often times the biggest detriment to having a great idea is the level in which we’re distracted and busy. Because when we’re swimming in distractions, our brain doesn’t have the space or awareness to give us those really good ideas.

Think about how everyone always says, “my best ideas come to me in the shower.” Well, consider why that is. You’re relaxed, dopamine is released, and there’s literally nothing in the shower but you and your thoughts. And that space lets the really good stuff come bubbling up.

In his TED Talk “Where Good Ideas Come From,” Steven Johnson says really big breakthroughs are actually just hunches that come more and more into view and they bloom over time. He explains that most highly creative people have very expansive social connections that lead to the gathering of ideas from all kinds of different contexts.

Whether you know where your good ideas come from or not, start making mental notes of when and where you’re the most inspired. You can start a note in your phone or on paper and jot down each time you have a good idea and what was going on when it came to you. And hey, don’t forget, the key to a great idea is always ACTION. Do something about your next idea.

Up and up!


Denise Spalding

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