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Good Morning!

Anyone that knows me, knows my all-time favorite decade is the 1980’s. I love the music, the movies, the crazy fashion and yes, even the big hair was fun!

It was also the birth of many technologies that have shaped our lives today. The disposable camera, camcorder, CD player and of course the computer as some of the biggest technological inventions of the 80’s. Today, these inventions look a lot more like the iPhones, laptops, Snapchat and Spotify! It’s almost impossible to imagine living life without these technologies.

However, if you ask me to look back at what I was most thankful for, I would say, I’m most grateful that my entire childhood was spent in the absence of smartphones and social media. My parents spent quality time with me, with absolutely no distractions.

Remember how intensely you loved your boyfriend/girlfriend when you were a teenager? Love him/her that intensely now. Remember how excited and happy you got about getting new stuff as a kid? Get that excited and happy now. The days are long, but the decades are short. So, make it count!

Love the 50’s decade? Let’s go to the drive-in! Every Friday and Saturday night from Oct 1 – Oct 18, head to The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass for drive-in movie viewings, concerts, games and more!

What’s your favorite decade of all-time?

Cheers to simpler times!




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