Good Morning!

“Thank you for being a Rockstar Mom 24/7. You are awesome! I love you so much” said the handwritten note from my daughter. It reminded me of the power and lasting impact a handwritten note has in life and in business.

When was the last time you sent or received a handwritten note from someone? There’s no comparison to this traditional form of conversation. Handwritten messages are so powerful that people often keep these notes for a long time. Sometimes even for a lifetime.

Author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield, explained how writing 3–5 handwritten notes per day will change your relationships. In our email-heavy world, it can seem inefficient to hand-write and mail a letter. But relationships aren’t about efficiency. They’re about building strong and rewarding connections.

Not only will handwriting letters change your personal and professional relationships, it will change you. Research has shown writing by hand increases brain development and cognition more than typing.

Give it a try. Keep it simple. Write a few motivational words on a napkin and slip it into your child’s lunchbox. Write a short love note to your boo and sneak it into their purse or wallet. Write a note to a valued donor or customer. Receiving a handwritten note creates a special feeling. Surprise and delight!


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