Rise & Shine!
This is graduation season. Seniors are getting ready to graduate high school or college. As we all know, unfortunate circumstances have forced schools to close and send students back home to finish out their senior year. No graduation parties or ceremonies, proms and project graduations are cancelled, no final sporting events or concerts, and school friends must say goodbye, virtually. These are the rights of passage that seniors have been waiting for, and yet they are out of reach right now.

But there’s another side to the pandemic I’ve started to notice. As anxiety evolves into new routines, I think we have much to learn from this new season. Winston Churchill once said, “Never waste a good crisis.” This crisis has the potential to change us both individually and collectively for the better, though the growth may be uncomfortable.

For example, there are countless examples of creativity and kindness from people who still want to honor seniors, somehow, in some way. I’ve seen yard signs and banners, drive by car parades, virtual proms and parties, social distancing photo shoots and caring citizens “adopting a senior” and sending them gifts to make them feel special. I see people changing their outlook from loss to gratitude, from anger to acceptance. It really warms my heart to see how resilient our young adults are in times of crisis.

Best wishes to all the seniors out there! You’ve earned that diploma. You’ve spent those late nights studying and finishing up assignments. Be proud of yourself and celebrate graduation, quaran-TEEN style.

Up and Up!




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