Happy Monday Morning!

Our world has certainly changed over the past month. How many of you are learning to be educators at home now? Parents are trying to fill the role of teacher while also learning to work from home. This has really opened my eyes to the kind of time, talent and patience it takes to be a teacher.

For almost a month now, schools have been conducting non-traditional instruction (NTI) and we were recently informed it would be extended for the rest of the 2020 school year. Teachers have been asked to pivot in a completely different direction for instructional learning of their students. In a matter of weeks, they changed their learning plans, created new content, learned new technologies, and constructed a new way of schooling in order to teach the students in their care.

To quote Ann Leiberman, “Great teachers empathize with children, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.” It’s apparent to me now more than ever how much our teachers deeply care for and love the kids they teach. Their efforts deserve a virtual round of applause.

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5th, and while we can’t bring in a bouquet of flowers or a cute Pinterest gift to show our love, we can still shower our teachers with appreciation for the outstanding work they’ve done during this unprecedented time. Send them a video message from your kids, mail a sweet card and/or drawing, email them a small gift like a Starbucks or Amazon e-gift card or send them flowers. What ideas do you have for showing love to our teachers during quarantine?

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