Hello Everyone,

Last Monday, March 30th was “National Doctors Day” in the United States. It got me thinking. I say we celebrate Doctors, Nurses, First Responders and anyone on the front lines in Healthcare every day in April. The stories I’m hearing about all the sacrifices they are making to keep people safe and to fight the virus is unbelievable. This hits incredibly close to home for me because my daughter, Paige Eberle, is a nurse at University of Louisville Hospital treating patients in the surgical trauma unit of the ICU. Denise’s brother in law, Steve Spalding, is a Doctor on the front lines at Norton Healthcare treating patients. We pray for them each day as they risk their lives to help people.

Send me your stories. I’d love to hear how those close to you are fighting courageously against the invisible war we are in. You can also get your children involved by printing out this coloring page and show your appreciation by hanging it in your window.

Let’s say it together, “We will get through this and we will get through this together”. #TeamKentucky #TogetherKy

Stay safe and healthy!




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