Whether it’s a love for an unconventional hobby, an un-hip band or a cheesy reality TV show, most of us try to keep our stranger passions to ourselves. If we indulge in them, we do it behind closed curtains and behind the facade of the more acceptable, cooler interests we present to the world at large.

But here’s what I think: Everyone else in the world is secretly a weirdo, too! 

That super-poised colleague who intimidates you at work? She probably psyches herself up before big meetings by listening to Katy Perry’s “Roar” on her earbuds in the bathroom stall.

Your cross fitting, Paleo-proselytizing friend has a secret addiction: she indulges in Cap’n Crunch and PixyStix sandwiches, smushed together just the way Ally Sheedy did in the movie The Breakfast Club.

None of us are 100% “normal.” “Normalcy” is a shadow term that means, at best, what most people tend to do (as far as you can tell), which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or bad, just that most people tend to do it (as far as you can tell). Matter of fact, here’s a great article on why you should stop trying to be normal. 

So, don’t fret over your secret oddball hobbies, habits, loves and fandoms. Don’t feel embarrassed about the things you think only you “get.” Because if you “get” them, then they are awesome, and that’s all that really matters.

What “weird” things make you happy? 

I’ll get it started: I love dancing like a fool to 80’s music, and talking to my dog, “Woody Jo,” like he’s a kid that understands English.


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