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Don’t you love a good quote? TODAY show co-host Hoda Kotb began sharing inspirational quotes on her social media and people couldn’t get enough of it. Everyone loved these daily doses of laughter and motivation and many commented on her posts that they “really needed this today.” With this, Hoda decided to write a book compiled of 365 sayings and quotes about her experiences, sharing words that have challenged, inspired and pushed her to become a better person. I’m currently reading her book titled, I Really Needed This Today. This book is a welcomed part of my morning routine, I look forward to a boost of encouragement.

I really enjoyed last week’s quote and wanted to share it with you. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”-Lao Tzu. Hoda expands on this quote and encourages people to send some love into the world, even if it’s just across the kitchen table. What a simple yet powerful idea. Today, send some extra smiles out and hold a door for a stranger. You have the power to make someone’s entire day just with a simple act of love!


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