Wide-Format Displays: Marketing Your Audience Cannot Ignore

Want to attract more customers based on geography? Want to reach a broad audience without spending money on television or radio advertising? Consider outdoor signage.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), “out of home” advertising, including such things as wall murals and sidewalk displays, is an $8.0 billion industry and growing. In fact, outdoor signage continues to grow, experiencing ten consecutive years of growth. Some of the biggest users of this form of advertising are Apple, McDonald’s, Geico, Netflix, and Google.

Why such strong growth? Here are five reasons:

  1. Highly affordable. With outdoor advertising like retail signage, sidewalk displays, and posters, you can reach a mass audience for relatively little cost. With what other form of advertising can you reach thousands of people for the cost of a single wide-format print?
  1. Location specific. While outdoor advertising can be geographically broad (like highway billboards), it can also be extremely specific, such as outside of your business or store. Anyone who is able to see the display becomes a potential customer.
  1. Reinforces existing messaging. Because outdoor advertising is so cost-effective, it serves as a powerful reinforcement to any other marketing and advertising you may be doing. Passersby may have received a direct mail piece or heard an advertisement on the radio, and the outdoor signage reinforces the message. Outdoor signage also identifies your location, and visual cues like the environment around the sign deepens the imprint of the message.
  1. Can’t be turned off. People can click out of email, turn off the television, and change the radio station. They can choose not to open your mail. But when they are driving to work or walking downtown, they cannot choose not to see the environment around them. Outdoor signage is a constant reminder of your store, your brand, and your message that people cannot ignore.
  1. It’s easy. Some forms of marketing and advertising are complicated. Putting together a television ad, a radio spot, or a promotional video can be expensive and require a lot of time and coordination. Outdoor signage is designed like any other print material. Pair it with the right display and you’re off to the races.

Want to explore the possibilities of sidewalk stands, building wraps, banners, or other outdoor signage? Let us help!



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