According to Google Analytics, 96% of the people visiting your website leave without taking any action. If all of your marketing channels are driving traffic to your website but only convert 4% of the visitors, how can you find out who these visitors are and send them relevant offers quickly?
In this webinar, you will learn:

• How to capture visitors to your website and get their address. You can’t purchase a list of website visitors from your mail house, can you?
• How to understand visitor behavior – by page views, time spent and date to create an urgent call to action
• What retargeted direct mail is
• How retargeted direct mail can help increase average order size, decrease abandoned shopping carts and drive a 9-18% response rate

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
Please RSVP by 2.16.21

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See how you can have a 23% – 46% increase in the results of your next direct mail campaign.

HyprMail is our new direct marketing program that’s designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns — while enhancing your overall results — through omni-channel marketing. Simply fulfill your direct mail order as usual, and we do the rest.

We’ll supercharge your direct mail, for a few extra pennies per mail piece, using these seven components:

Mail Tracking
We simply add a custom barcode to your mail piece and your dashboard will update with the expected delivery date and actual delivery date. This helps you prepare for the influx of new calls!